Wink World

A visionary youth centre. A classroom for those who want to learn how to use creativity to improve their lives and make the world a better place. A monument to the positive impact normal people can have when they begin to understand that they are not normal people, only extraordinary ones in disguise. A space outfitted with all the tools and resources to eccentrify your life. Paint brushes, silk-screen equipment, hubcaps, sewing machines, bike parts, video cameras, welders, pop cans, saws, skids and spray paint.

An environment that will blow minds by its sheer fantastic grandeur. A rehabilitation center for those kicking the TV habit and breaking the spectator, consumer mindset. A transition environment built out of recycled materials for skateboarding and bmxing enjoyment and experimentation. A gathering place for those who have realized that positive action is always better than passive entertainment. Most importantly, a physical testament to the truth that no person or thing is beyond redemption.