Wink Video Zine

The Winking Circle video zine is an explosive audio-visual document on the beginnings of a movement that continues to change lives and inspire radical action. Take a journey with a bunch of teens that refused to be bored in their increasingly suburbanized rural town. In a place where Wal-Mart and the local hockey arena are the cultural landmarks, these kids create a scene unlike anything that’s been seen before. See them hand paint their cars, start bands, jump off buildings, build a fleet of art bikes and drag their tv sets behind them.


Witness the hard work and heartbreak as they work with their town council to build the Tsunami dream ramp, a public skatepark that is part rollercoaster, part wooden wave. See their short films where they mock Hollywood by living the adventure instead of watching it. Sit in the passenger seat with SOSA (Southern Ontario Sasquatch Association) as they tear up the countryside in pursuit of the elusive squatch.

TWC video zine has amazed audiences and inspired individuals all over the world. This movie is intended to ignite a revolution: the eccentrification of the world.

“The Winking Circle video zine is half celebration, half call to action”.

Joel Pomerantz

“A huge mountain of inspiration and ideas are manifested here for us to learn from and apply to our own lives. Very high production values and great editing”.

Microcosm Publishing